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Information for CSM Employees on Novel Coronavirus

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Remote Work Extension and Important Employee Information

Last Updated: April 1, 2020

CSM is monitoring the status of COVID-19 closely, the health and safety of our students, staff, and faculty remain a top priority. As such we will remain in a full remote work mode until April 24.  Because there are a great deal of unknowns, we are trying to provide employees and students with resources to help them make the best decisions relative to their own situations. The best place for updated information is this CSM Ready website. This website includes resources for employees and resources for students, as well as community resources that you or someone you know may also need.

Notice: Campus access is restricted to authorized personnel only with specific justifications to continue critical operations of the College. Requests for access must be approved by the Division Vice President. Bill Comey and Bill Bessette are the only individuals authorized to grant access to campus. To request access for critical operations, please complete this form:

Temporary Employees and Student Workers

You may be eligible for some unemployment benefits while the college is in fully remote mode, which, at this point, will be at least until April 24, though Instruction will continue online at least until April 30. Information on unemployment can be accessed here or through the Maryland site here.

Both Non-Exempt and Exempt Employees

Before the college went fully remote, you and your supervisor determined a scope of work. Employees must document their hours in online services: regular hours worked at the tasks you and your supervisor determined on your remote work plan, and, for anything less than your usual 40 hours on those tasks, those hours should be taken as administrative leave. This will be important if we hope to recoup some resources through the economic stimulus plan.

Non-Exempt Employees

Beginning Monday, March 29 for the next pay period, you must use online services to document your hours as noted above.


CSM Moves to Remote Operations

Last Updated: March 18, 2020

Remote Operations will be effective Thursday, March 19 through Friday, April 3.

The video and transcript from the All-College Zoom Meeting on March 18 is available here.

The levels of operation are defined below:

Levels of Operations 

  • Full– all campus and online systems are fully operational. 
  • Reduced–most instruction moved online. Student support and administrative offices open. 
  • Compressed– all instruction online. Minimal onsite student support and administrative services. 
  • Remote– all instruction and most work functions operate remotely. On campus access restricted to authorized personnel. 

Things to Know

  1. During Remote Operations, campus access is restricted to authorized personnel only.  Dr. Bill Comey and Executive Director Bill Bessette are the only individuals with the authority to authorize campus access. To request access, complete this form.
  2. Division heads and Vice Presidents are responsible for devising work plans for their divisions.  The college has divided employees into tiers that reflect the nature of this pandemic only.  The head of your division will explain your division work plan and your individual status tomorrow.
  3. All benefited employees and adjuncts currently teaching will continue to get paid.
  4. Spring Break is still in effect March 23-27.

What do the tiers mean?  Using tiers is a way to categorize employees during emergency situations, and what comprises those tiers is different for each type of emergency.  The head of your divisions will explain to you where your position was placed and the expectations the college has for your work during this time.  Regardless of the tier your position may fall into, your work is valuable, and we look forward to when all of us are back to Full Operation status.

These are unprecedented times, and the health and safety of our college community is of critical importance.  Please be patient as we try to stay on top of this rapidly-accelerating crisis.