Screeenshot of the CSM Safe AppCOVID-19 Self-Assessment on the CSM Safe App

The college is implementing a new procedure to monitor the health of individuals coming to campus, including students, faculty, and staff. Effective January 19, 2021, persons coming to campus will be required to complete a short self-assessment for COVID-19 symptoms before they arrive. Temperature checks will no longer be taken by CSM Public Safety personnel.

Please be aware that CSM remains in Modified Restricted Operations, and the college is still limiting access to campus. Students should only come to campus for the in-person component of hybrid classes or for an appointment for in-person student services. Appointments are required for in-person student services.

This self-assessment is a new functionality of the CSM Safe app and consists of questions about the presence of COVID-19 symptoms or recent exposure. After completing the brief questionnaire, the user will receive either a green or red QR code, indicating that they are cleared to come to campus (if green) or should not come to campus (if red).

Students and employees who come to campus should be prepared to show their QR code to demonstrate that they’re in compliance with this new public safety procedure.

Anyone who receives a red QR code, should avoid coming to campus and should stay home.

Please remember that our highest responsibility is not to deadlines and to-do lists, but to the wellbeing of every member of our college community—including ourselves! The college is committed to working with students who can’t come to campus for health reasons, in order to ensure a minimum of disruption to their studies.

We ask that all students download the latest version of CSM Safe for Android or iPhone and keep the app up to date. Beginning January 19, the self-assessment will be required for students coming to campus for the in-person component of their classes or for student services appointments

CSM Safe App icon

Download the CSM Safe App now:

All CSM students and employees are expected to use the CSM Safe app to complete the COVID 19 Self-Assessment. This online version can be substituted for special exceptions or for external stakeholders.

Steps to Use the App

Step 1: Click "COVID-19 Updates and Self-Assessment"
screenshot of Safe App

Step 2: Click "COVID-19 Self-Assessment"
screenshot of CSM safe app

Step 3: Complete Identification Questions
screenshot of CSM safe app

Step 4: Record Your Temperature

screenshot of CSM safe app

Step 5: Complete the Temperature Confirmation
screenshot of CSM safe app

Step 6: Complete Symptoms Question

screenshot of CSM safe app

Step 7: Complete Travel Advisory Question
screenshot of CSM safe app

Step 8: Review Your Access Results

screenshot of CSM safe appCSM safe app

Be prepared to show your COVID-19 Self-Assessment daily status code while on campus. Remember to follow all other CSM healthy campus protocols:

  • Wear a mask
  • Sanitize hands
  • Stay 6’ feet apart