A Message from Dr. Brad Gottfried


"The highest priority of CSM is to ensure that our students, faculty, staff, and visitors are safe.

We live in a society where no one can predict where and when an emergency situation will occur.

While we have an outstanding Public Safety and Preparedness Department, they cannot do the job alone.

We must all be prepared to act appropriately during emergency situations.

This requires ongoing training, tabletop exercises, and other emergency preparedness exercises and drills.

Many of you will receive more specific information very soon about your training obligations.

As you participate in training and exercises, please take the time to understand and appreciate the various organizational structures, plans, initiatives, and programs that make up our emergency management system.

It is important to think of our efforts as part of a holistic emergency management approach that includes outreach, education, effective communication, constant coordination, and diligent planning and preparedness on a steady basis.

Our website will be redesigned in the near future to include comprehensive information about our operating plans for managing emergencies and well as plans for specific responses to emergencies by members of the college community.

Our goal is to constantly work with all members of our community to improve our preparedness and readiness for any and all incidents and emergencies.

Whether it is the threat of terrorism, crime, or the unstoppable forces of nature, our campus and community members need to be confident that we are ready to respond effectively.

Together we will provide a safe environment for working, studying or visiting our campuses.

If you have suggestions or questions, please talk with our Vice President of General Counsel or our Executive Director of Public Safety."

- CSM President Dr. Brad Gottfried