After Action Report

This After Action Report is an opportunity to enhance the emergency operations plans for the College of Southern Maryland. Please answer the following questions honestly and thoroughly, as the information from this report will be compiled along with others to improve upon the emergency preparedness plans.

After Action Report
Date of Exercise or Event:
Location of Exercise or Event: If other:  
1. What type of exercise or event did you participate in?
Please give a general description of the event or exercise
2. What was your role in the exercise?
3. Was this a planned or unannounced event?
4. By what method did you receive communication of this event or exercise?
ex: telephone, emergency siren, Public Address System, word of mouth
5. Have you participated in an event or exercise like this before at the College of Southern Maryland?
6. What improvements would you make to future exercises?
7. What do you feel went well during the exercise?
8. What do you feel did not go well during the exercise?