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READY All CSM.TXT Emergency updates
READY2015 2015 CSM.TXT updates
CSMKIDS Kids College updates
CSMCLC Children's Learning Center updates
CSMPAY Registration And Payment Reminders updates
CSMSTL Student Life And Athletics updates
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CSM.TXT is CSM's alert service provided through e2Campus. This service will send you instant alerts and time-sensitive messages, including up-to-date information on emergencies and campus closings.

Messages can be sent to your cell phone via text message, or to your e-mail account.

Registration is free. All cell phone text message fees will apply. Contact your service provider for more information.

Do you still have questions about CSM.TXT? View the FAQs.

Mobile Opt-in Categories

Do you want to receive all CSM.TXT alerts, or select specific types of alerts? It's your choice. Just text the following to 79516 to subscribe!

  • Text READY for all CSM.TXT Emergency updates.
  • Text READY2015 for all 2015 CSM.TXT updates.
  • Text CSMKIDS for all Kids College updates.
  • Text CSMCLC for all Children's Learning Center updates
  • Text CSMPAY for Registration and Payment Reminders updates
  • Text CSMSTL for Student Life And Athletics updates

Unsubscribe at anytime by texting STOP to 79516.


The College of Southern Maryland disclaims any responsibility and liability for the deletion, failure to store, miss-delivery, or untimely delivery of any information or material through this service. CSM does not warrant the successful delivery of each message to each individual recipient or device.

CSM does not charge any fee for this service. Carriers and services used by recipients may charge periodic or per message fees. Such charges are the sole responsibility of the recipients.