Crime Prevention Tips

A hand holding a car key  

Contacting Assistance

Important numbers that should be added to your cell phone:

Campus Phone
La Plata Campus (301) 934-7888 or x7909
Leonardtown Campus (240) 925-8849 or x5333
Prince Frederick Campus (240) 682-9190 or x6033

Local police (Non-Emergency Number):


When calling for assistance be sure to give the following information:

  1. Give your name
  2. Specify Location (including address, landmarks, room numbers)
  3. Account of Situation

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Protecting Possessions

The Facts

Most campus crimes are Crimes of Opportunity. This means most crimes are also preventable²
Most crimes happen during the day²
80% of campus crimes are committed by members of the college community²

Preventative Measures

It only takes a matter of seconds for someone to steal a purse/bag/laptop or other materials left unattended so:

If you must bring it:

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Office Safety

Preventative Measures

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Protecting Your Person

The Facts

Preventative Measures

Note your surroundings²

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In and Around Your Car

A car door with a lock

The Basics

Special Situations

If you see another driver stopped on the side of the road:

If you think you are being followed:

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Protecting Your Identity

On Public Computers & ATMs

Use Discretion and Net-etiquette.

Tips for Social Networking Sites

Do not post your:

Do not:


Photos live forever on the internet.

On the Phone

On Paper

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Travel Tips

A stairwell in the Prince Frederick Campus at CSM

Before Leaving

At the Airport

In the Security Line

Upon Arrival

At the hotel:

In the city:

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